Founded in January 2009, Talented People is a recruitment agency specialising in digital professions.

Talented People identifies, selects and checks top professional profiles in the video game, web, computing services and digital design sectors.
This alternative recruitment agency has a unique network in Europe and America which gathers together top digital talent: engineers, developers, 2D artists, game designers, community managers, web designers 3D modellers, animators, network administrators and more.

Talented People works with large groups and many companies both in France and around the world (USA, Canada, etc.).
Its recruitment assignments cover:

• software engineering: design, modelling, architecture, development, BI, data analyst, etc.
• artistic design: creative director, 2D and 3D artists, web design, rougher, illustrators, modellers, animators, scriptwriters, etc.
• marketing and communication: project manager, community manager, etc.
• design: design, level and game designers, etc.
• team management: project managers, technical director, etc.

All the digital talent can be found at Talented People!
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